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Roseto Ivory Tumbled Travertine

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The Roseto Travertine is tumbled and unfilled. The golden travertine is processed through tumbling water and rubbing stones against stones, replicating the ageing process in nature, creating soft edges and natural indents on the tiles. The natural stone tiles are available in 8 different sizes, making them a beautiful choice for walls and floors in all rooms.


Tiles per square metre 75 x 150mm = 89 pieces; 100 x 200mm = 50 pieces; 100 x 305mm = 33.33 pieces; 203 x 203mm = 24.27 pieces; 203 x 406mm = 12.13 pieces; 406 x 406mm = 6.07 pieces; 406 x 610mm = 4.04mm; 610 x 915mm = 1.79 pieces
Thickness 12mm
Finish Tumbled and Unfilled
Material Travertine
Tile Size: 75 x 150mm, 100 x 200mm, 100 x 305mm, 203 x 203mm, 203 x 406mm, 406 x 406mm, 406 x 610mm, 610 x 915mm
Availability 5-7 working days
Sealing Sealing is required. We recommend using LTP Mattstone Sealant