Collection: Fish Scale - Mermaid - Scallop - Wall Tiles

Our gorgeous ranges of fishscale wall tiles, also referred as scallop tiles, mermaid tiles or mermaid scale tiles, are a perfect way to add a different touch to your kitchen, en-suite, bathroom, utility room or wet-room. These tiles are one of the biggest trends to emerge recently and we have introduced many different colours to our range. Our newest range, Neopolitan, are some of the most tasteful colours we have seen for this trend. We are so happy to have added them to our growing fishcale tile range.

These tiles can be used to create a beautiful design, which as either a feature wall or shower enclosure or used in a kitchen setting, will really make your bathroom, shower or en-suite stand out. 

Our Atlantis, Aurora and Neopolitan fishscale wall tiles are a great way to make a statement in your home design either for a large area or even a smaller portion of a bathroom or kitchen. We hope you enjoy growing the ranges.

Some of our crackle range will need sealing.