Patterned Floor Tiles

Our range of patterned floor tiles are guaranteed to offer you a host of choices for your next building or design project. Adding patterned tiles to your floor is a great way to add a bit of extra spice to a room in a functional and practical way.

Almost any room in the house can benefit from the addition of patterned tiles to bring it back to life and add a bit of glamour and excitement to the space. Our range includes porcelain patterned and low-slip options, so are perfect for indoor or outdoor patterned floors.

Patterned tiles are particularly popular in hallways, where they can add a element of interest and intensity to the entranceway of a house. In addition, patterned floor tiles for the kitchen are a great way to breathe new life into a tired, worn-out room. They're also perfect to add elegance and glamour to a bathroom, where you can bring the floor to life with patterns that make the room pop.

We've got a range of styles and looks to suit any patterned floor design. Our victorian patterned floor tiles are ideal to bring your space a classic-era feel, the modern styles can update a old room to a contemporary look, or our moroccan floor tiles will bring a flavour of North Africa to your house.

You can choose the patterns and colours that suit your design, with the classic grey patterned tiles being the most popular choice and a particular favourite of ours!

Shop our range of patterned floor tiles below and let us know if there's anything you can't find or a particular patterned tile you'd like us to source.

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