Collection: Hexagon Floor Tiles

Hexagon floor tiles are just the ticket to making a statement floor that will be the envy of everyone who sees it! We have a growing range of 8-sided floor tiles in various colours, patterns, material and finishes.

You can use hexagon floor tiles in a bathroom to make a real statement on a bathroom floor, or make a fantastic unique tiled hexagon feature space or wet room. 

Our popular hexagon floor tile in grey is from the Ocean Floor Tile range, each of which is individually cut to create the beautiful handmade appearance of these unique and stunning tiles. They are available in 3 matt finish colours: black, white and cement grey.

Additionally, our encaustic hexagon Patisserie tile is a patterned hexagon floor tile available in 20 x 20cm. These gorgeous 8-sided patterned tiles are 15mm thick and produce a stunning visual when laid. Encaustic floor tiles are becoming very popular due to their unique rustic tile but modern appearance.

A classic marble look using our 'Plaka' white marble hexagon mosaic tile is very popular. We also have one of our best selling tiles, the Lily Pad Tile - fast becoming one of our best-selling floor tiles! Gorgeous tile in 3 colours, Lily Pad Marine, Lily Pad Denim and Lily Pad Clay.  Have a good browse, take your time and enjoy shopping for your new floor!!

You can also use hexagon tiles for your walls to add even more style to your spaces.