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Burnt Embers Natural Slate

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Burnt Embers Natural Slate Tiles. Our Burnt Embers Slate is a classic, rustic, natural stone tile, creating a warm, homely and timeless finish to a floor. Available in 3 sizes: 300 x 300mm, 400 x 400mm and 600 x 400mm.


Tiles per square metre 300 x 300mm = 11.11 pieces per sqm; 400 x 400mm = 6.25 pieces per sqm; 600 x 400mm = 4.17 pieces per sqm.
Thickness 300 x 300mm and 400 x 400mm = 10 mm. 600 x 400mm = 20mm
Finish Natural
Material Marble
Tile Size: 300 x 300mm; 400 x 400mm; 400 x 600mm
Availability 5-7 working days
Sealing Sealing is required. We recommend using LTP Mattstone Sealant