Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles are growing in popularity. Encaustic Floor Tiles, Victorian Floor Tiles, Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tile Floors are significant style trends as are Patterned Floor Tiles. The range of colours and styles has increased and is growing.

Floor Tiles for bathrooms, Kitchens and hallways remain a great investment. Easy to clean, hard wearing and with so many different styles available. We are finding that even modern homes are able to introduce a Victorian Patterned Floor and some of the ranges and colours are so contemporary that they are not just the preserve of period properties. Some floor tiles can be used outdoors and in outdoor covered areas.

Wood Effect Tiled Floors are certainly growing in popularity and you can see why, when you look at our range of beautiful colours and finishes. The hard wearing aspect, especially in high traffic areas, prone to muddy boots, children's spillages or animals makes them a better investment than a wood floor or a carpet. 

Tiled Floors work so well with under-floor heating and before investing in a tiled floor we recommend that under-floor heating is considered. Heated mat type elements are relatively good value and are easily fitted. They are also relatively cost-effective to run.

Tiled Floors flowing throughout a property are becoming a very popular choice. We are finding that customers are more likely to buy floor tiles for a whole floor area, than section off rooms. 

The popularity of Encaustic Floor Tiles continues to grow. Our Encaustic Tiles are stylish and contemporary. They combine together to create a glorious effect and make a bold statement. They range from black and white tiles to blue and green hues and other chic colours. From simple to more complex geometric patterns and designs. The materials used in our range comprise of marble, cement and quality pigments. When these tiles are laid they combine together in the most stunning way. 

Here at The Little Tile Company we have a large range of floor tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, entrances, lounges, dining rooms and even outdoors including:

  • Encaustic Floor Tiles.
  • Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tiles.
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles.
  • Glazed Floor Tiles.
  • Un-Glazed Floor Tiles.
  • Victorian Floor Tiles.
  • Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles.
  • Slate Effect Floor Tiles.
  • Stone Effect Floor Tiles.
  • Patterned Floor Tiles.
  • Decorated Floor Tiles.
  • Geometric Floor Tiles.
  • Monochrome Floor Tiles.
  • Black and White Floor Tiles.
  • Triangular Floor Tiles.
  • Hexagonal Floor Tiles.
  • Octagonal Floor Tiles.
  • Rustic Floor Tiles.
  • Rectified Floor Tiles.
  • Large Format Floor Tiles.
  • Terracotta Floor Tiles.
  • Filita Floor Tiles.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us to see how we can help!


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