Collection: Vintage Floor Tiles

Vintage floor tiles can include a variety of looks, shades, colours and patterns. Here at The Little Tile Company we have a growing collection of vintage-looking and retro floor tiles to help you with your design or building project. The vintage 'look' means different things to different people which is why we try and offer a varied selection of tiles to suit all manner of tastes.

We have gorgeous encaustic tiles with various hues and patterns to more vintage look such as one of our favourite tiles, the spitalfields floor tile. 

Vintage patterned floor tiles are increasing in popularity, and are being used increasingly in installations and cafes and restaurants to create great choices on the floor. This trend is now finding its way into the residential market, with more people choosing vintage patterned floor tiles for their bathroom, kitchen, dining rooms or hallway floors.

We've seen some beautiful boutique hotels using patterned floor tiles to create unique styles, highlighting their bespoke offer.

We are getting bolder and braver in our tiled flooring choices so why not start right here, right now and browse our collections. With vintage style floor tiles, the possibilities are endless!

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