Collection: Metallic Tiles & Metallic Mosaics

A superb collection of metallic tiles in different formats. Different finishes including Copper Hexagon Mosaic Tiles, Metallic Copper Porcelain Tiles, Silver Hexagon Mosaic Tiles, Copper Geometric Mosaic Tiles, Copper Penny Mosaic Tiles, Silver Penny Mosaic Tiles, Metallic Steel Porcelain Tiles, Bright Silver Square Mosaic Tiles, Brushed Chrome Mini Herringbone Mosaic Tile, Brushed Chrome Herringbone Mosaic Tile and Silver Geometric Mosaic Tile. 

This large choice of varying metal finishes will be a fantastic edition to a kitchen or bathroom installation and marks a departure to what one would normally see in showrooms. Certainly though, this trend is growing fast. Send for a sample to see just how beautiful and versatile this new range is!