Kitchen Wall Tiles & Splashback Tiles

Our range of kitchen wall tiles and splashback tiles (or backsplash tiles) can be used to create a functional yet stylish kitchen to suit almost any style or look.

We've got an incredible range of kitchen wall tiles for you to choose from. If you're looking for retro kitchen wall tiles for an old-fashioned look or vintage kitchen wall tiles for a classic kitchen, we've got you covered.

As well as wall tiles, we've got tiles for a splashback to create a host of different looks. You can create a feature splashback with tiles by mixing some contemporary tiles with patterned tiles to create a centrepiece for a kitchen. These tiles are perfect for creating a splashback in a country kitchen or for contemporary apartment living.

A splashback sits behind the hob or cooker and catches water and fat splashes from the pan, and allows an easy wipe clean surface. Our splashback tiles are perfect for designing a splashback that’s easy to clean and easy on the eye too!

Using tiles for a splashback can make the surface easy to wipe down and maintain, while also allowing you to create stylish designs that can form the focal point of a kitchen.

Shop our range of kitchen wall and splashback tiles below.

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