Collection: Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom wall tiles trends are constantly evolving! People are becoming more adventurous with their tile choices for all areas of their homes and bathroom tiles remain important when it comes to creating a bespoke space. 

A bathroom can be a place for calm and tranquility. It can also be a place to refresh and energise! We all have such different tastes when it comes to tiles and now more than ever tiles can make your vision a reality.

For those that like to make a statement, we have large bathroom wall tiles, which really stand out. For those who like more intricate designs, we also have small bathroom wall tiles to allow you to create specific patterns.

Our bathroom wall tile range are perfect as wall shower tiles, and are equally able to transform an en-suite bathroom, or a family wetroom.

We have a wide range of colours available, including blue bathroom wall tiles to create an aquatic vibe, grey bathroom wall tiles for a more understated style, or white bathroom wall tiles for a classic bathroom look.

We have some stunning rustic wall tiles and again the emergence of patterned wall tiles has proved to be one of the more rapid growth areas.

We believe we have some of the best looking shades and colours and can provide you with samples before you purchase. 

If you're looking for bathroom wall tile ideas, shop our range below to find the right style and design for your bathroom, wetroom or en-suite.

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