Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom floor tile trends are constantly changing! People are becoming more adventurous with their tile choices for all areas of their homes and bathroom tiles remain important when it comes to making a statement! We are adding more ranges weekly! We feature many of the types of tiles that appear on the many social media pages!

A bathroom can be a place for calm and tranquility. It can also be a place to refresh and energise! We all have such different tastes when it comes to tiles and now more than ever tiles can make your vision a reality. You will rarely go in to a friends bathroom and see the same design as another. You can make a statement floor with one type of tile and do the rest of your bathroom in another. Tiles are being mixed and matched or used with other materials more than ever.

We have such a beautiful range including the spitalfields patterned floor tile, encaustic tiles, patterned tiles of varying colours and patterns!

We have a range of wood effect floor tiles, parquet tiles and terracotta tile flooring. Many of our styles are rustic or retro tiles. Vintage tile or victorian bathroom floor tiles are also all available in our collections.


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