The Patterned Tile Trend!

Patterned Tiles are rapidly growing in popularity, especially Patterned Floor Tiles and we are seeing this in the amount of orders that are being placed and the amount of samples we are sending out!

Encaustic Floor Tiles still attract great attention but are not suitable for every application, but patterned floor tiles on a thinner, porcelain body have gathered great momentum. This is because they can be installed in most areas, without the need to be sealed or maintained often. The variety of patterns and colours are growing daily and here at The Little Tile Company, we too are adding to our range weekly. The diversity of most of our Patterned Floor Tiles means that they can be used as a wall tile also!

Patterned tiles are also a more financially viable option of creating a period look for instance, in a hallway. They can still be coupled with a border on the outside of a pattern, as is shown in the image below which creates that Victorian Tile look.

At the moment it would appear that blue and grey hues are still a favourite option, but we are seeing more bold colour choices being made. We think that golden type colours will begin to make more of an impact this year, especially mixed with browns.

Below are some of our favourite designs and more being added weekly!

The Bulgary range of porcelain Patterned Floor Tiles includes 3 distinctive designs. Victoria is a 3 colour design taking inspiration from the encaustic floor tiles popular in Victorian Britain. Sofia White and Sofia Black follow a similar theme, each creating a distinctive finish to any floor.

We recently added our Antiquity floor tiles to our range and they are immediately proving to be popular!

The Antiquity Patterned Floor Tile range has 6 different patterned floor tiles to choose from, with complimenting grey and white floor tiles, in 22 x 22cm. These beautiful patterned tiles are frost proof porcelain tiles and can be used as wall or floor tiles, both inside and outside. There are 6 pattern tiles to choose from, and 2 complimenting plain tiles in cream and grey. These tiles cleverly create the appearance of an antique, vintage tile finish, while being maintenance free! 

Our Parisian Cafe Range of 20 x 20 cm tiles is also proving to be a popular choice. The Parisian Cafe range of decorated floor tiles are replicas of encaustic tile designs. Available in a pretty colour palette and 7 available patterns, these porcelain, low slip floor tiles so suitable for interior and exterior walls and floors. 


We couldn't wait to add our Spitalfields Patterned Tile range to the site!  The Spitalfields ceramic floor tile range has a choice of 4 different pattern tile designs. The tile can also be used as a wall tile. Each tile is 45 x 45cm and has a pre-scored line, which can be grouted and creates the look of 4 smaller tiles with much less work! These ceramic floor tiles are suitable for interior floors and walls so ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, cloakrooms, shower cubicles, the list goes on...!

Our Vintage Floor Tile was one of the first Patterned Floor Tiles we added to our site and remains hugely popular. 

Our Vintage Floor is a patchwork of 14 different tiles, mixed together to make a gorgeous, on trend, statement. The range is also available as a wall tile in a gloss finish. The tiles come mixed in the box and are only available as a mixed pattern. We are finding that these tiles are purchased for both period and modern homes.

Our Baroque Patterned Patchwork Tile range is a beautifully subtle tile made up of a patchwork of 6 different patterned tiles, mixed together to make a gorgeous, on trend, statement wall or floor. These tiles come mixed in the box and are only available as a mixed pattern. Click on the image to go to the range and see the pattern mix.

Our tile range is growing! We have a large range of wall and floor tiles and our Victorian Floor Tile Range is proving to be very popular with our customers. We have recently had our Victorian Floor Tiles specified in some superb locations and will be doing a blog on these projects as soon as we have the completed project pictures!

If we can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone or e mail!

Many thanks for reading this article!

The Little Tile Company Team

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